Industry loses millions of pounds yearly from criminality, corruption and unknowing employment of human trafficking victims.

It is difficult to recognise the victims of human trafficking or the criminal organisers that operate within this, and the majority of business owners and managers would be unable to do so. The risk can arise in several ways.

Using third party employment agencies to recruit staff may increase the risk of unknowingly employing a human trafficking victim; if an employment agency or an employee is linked to illegal gang masters it will be very difficult for the primary employer to be aware of the fact that trafficked victims are being employed.

Companies will often also employ illegal immigrants because they are unable to verify their immigration status.

Employing the victims of human trafficking can have dire consequences for a business; reputation and public image can be destroyed and owners can stand to make large financial losses.

Robin Brierley Consultancy can provide you with excellent advice and training on human trafficking to help reduce this risk and protect your company. This is one of our key areas of expertise, so we can work with you to put preventative measures in place and give you the knowledge you need to arm yourself against this type of crime.

Skills Needed

We can equip you with the skills needed to identify trafficked victims, and provide advice on the appropriate course of action should human trafficking victims be discovered working for your company. The way a business deals with victims of human trafficking is paramount to its reputation within the industry and within the UK, but we can support you to take action that is effective and legally sound.

We will advise you on policy and procedure to protect and prevent you from using third party agencies who are linked to the trafficking of human beings. We can also provide advice on the direct recruitment of migrant workers, and work with you to ensure your risk assessments are comprehensive in terms of human trafficking issues.