Robin Brierley Consultancy can work with you enable you to protect yourself against costly legal complications.

We can deliver training in relation to human trafficking issues, immigration and debriefing techniques, so you will have the skills to arm yourself against potential problems and safeguard your business.

Robin has more than two decades experience in law enforcement and intelligence gathering, and his highly trained staff have experience from all areas of law enforcement, so we can equip you with the vital knowledge you need to make sure your business is safe.

We can provide training to your site inspectors to recognise key identifiers of victims of human trafficking, and we can mentor you in the correct procedure to follow in the event human trafficking victims are discovered working for your business.

We can also carry out work on behalf of your company, such as internal investigations and site inspections, so you can concentrate on managing your business while we undertake work to ensure it is legally sound.

Risk Assessments

As part of our training service, we can work with you to ensure your risk assessments are comprehensive in addressing human trafficking issues, particularly in relation to migrant workers. It is vitally important that risk assessments fully account for these risks and include actions on how the risks will be managed. Our expert staff can show you how to do this so you can be assured these critical documents are thorough and legally sound.